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Afraid? Reframing Might Help You

  • 1 min read

The thunderstorm is just “hangry”.

My mom is an introvert. That’s beautiful BUT she is also afraid of almost everything.

She’s overthinking things and is seeing dangerous situations everywhere.

I’ve been a mom for about 3 years now (pregnancy included) and I tell you, I’ve never been so fearful in my whole life.

I’m always afraid something bad is happening.

Apparently, that’s a mom thing.

Here’s what I do about my fear.

A few months back, we had a thunderstorm on our island and I freaked out.

When I was laying in my bed I thought about how I could calm my senses and reframe this situation.

So, I snuggled under the blanket with my hubby and we started talking about what the sky might be telling us.

He had a bad day!

He’s just hangry!

Reframing really helped me to overcome my fear.

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