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Ahhh! I’m A New Writer With Serious Tech Headaches

  • 2 min read

Please help! I’m angry and frustrated.

Usually, I tell new writers that Medium makes tech a non-issue.

But, of course, there’s so much out there to figure out. It can feel like you need a degree to write on Medium.


The best way to learn is to ask questions.


do you also have the feeling that the technical support on Medium isn’t existing?

New writer Ronfrench7 reached out to me the other day. He complained about Simily’s non existing technical support.

Today, he informed me that Medium also isn’t responding to his emails.

Well, I can relate.

A week ago, I sent an email with several questions. I haven’t received an answer yet.

Those TECH HEADACHES are frustrating.


Especially for newbies.

There are times when the tech issues appear too great and they even think about just throwing in the towel. 😭 😤


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