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Ahhh! I’m An Editor Of ‘The Shortform’ But I Can’t Do My Work

  • 2 min read

I’m angry and frustrated

The notifications are piling up in my inbox.

Writers reach out to me to ask me at least to send them a rejection letter.

And me, I’m sitting here since Tom Fenske has added me as an editor for ‘The Shortform’ and could literally throw my laptop out of the window.


Because all I get if I want to visit the editor’s homepage is this error 404:

screenshot by Kristina God

When I was recently writing about error 404 I never would have thought this will also happen to me in regard to becoming an editor

Moreover, it’s been a while now since I’ve reached out to Medium and asked them whether they could fix this bug. I also asked Tom to reach out to them.

Nothing has happened — yet.

To all the people who want to become a writer, please be patient.

I can’t do anything at the moment. I just have to wait.

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