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Ahhh! My Referred Membership Earnings Are Gone

  • 1 min read

and one day of March hasn’t been calculated correctly

I woke up this morning and wanted to check my earnings.


Because yesterday I noticed that the earnings from March 31st were missing.

Unfortunately, it was still the same amount of money for March.

I was really disappointed because there’s definitely an error in the calculations of my earnings.

So I checked my April earnings…and I was shocked!

Although yesterday one of my students became a referred member…the green box at the top was gone.

I can still see my referred members in the Audience Growth dashboard but not anymore in my earnings overview.

Okay and this concerns all of us:

  • Medium Support no longer allows submitting new support requests via email.
  • You have to visit Help Center, search for an answer, and then open a ticket.

Could you please check your earnings and tell me whether you have similar issues?

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