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Ahoy! I’m Back On The Medium Ship and I Really Missed You All

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Finally, after almost 6 days… I have full access to my Medium account again.

A big THANK YOU goes out to Kylie van Gelder.

What happened?

Based on her HelpDesk ticket, Arthur (and the engineering team in the background) fixed the serious bug I was experiencing.

I stared at a blank page for almost a week.

Luckily, I have a tech guru at home.

My husband, a web developer, helped me with a little hack to submit my prepped stories to publications such as ILLUMINATION or The Shortform, or New Writers Welcome.

It’s straightened out now.

…I hope for Nour Ablaa and Jessica Pochan, too, who also did not have full access to Medium.

It didn’t help to try different browsers or clear the cache.

It was a serious bug.

Thanks to some of my friends:

You’re awesome.

I’m glad I’m back!

© Kristina God

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