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AI in Writing— Do You See Any Kind of Competition for Real Writers Like Us?

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I know a lot of writers are worried about the future.

No matter where I go I see them.

Those cringy and spammy buzzwords that scream: THIS IS WRITTEN BY AI.

I see a lot of “AI diarrhea” inside Medium’s ecosystem.

Let’s say garbage AI writing without any editing.

“Most people using AI to write stories don’t know how to edit them as good stories. And that’s the whole problem. I think that that is going to stay. It’s going to kind of slowly phase out. People are going to realize that publishing a lot of AI content is not getting them anywhere”, shared editor and Boost nominator Sinem Guenel from Top Publication Better Marketing with me.

And Sinem added:

“I don’t see any kind of competition for real writers like us, who have their audience, who have their topics, who genuinely enjoy the process of creating something from scratch.”

I know many writers are worried about their future. You too?

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