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Ali Abdaal’s Part-Time YouTube Academy Will Close Its Doors

  • 2 min read

Running cohort after cohort after cohort can be exhausting.

YouTube star Ali Abdaal just launched the last cohort of his famous Part-Time YouTube Academy.

His signature course was THE course everybody wanted to join when he wanted to become a successful YouTuber.

Abdaal educated people on how to set up a successful YouTube channel and grow it into an online business.

Ali’s Part-Time YouTube Acadamy is a high price ticket. People pay $2,000 and more to get educated by the YouTube star and empowered by the unique community experience.

“I know. For many, this will sound like a surprise but a lot of planning went into this decision,” he shared with his email subscribers.

“(…) running cohort after cohort after cohort can be exhausting. And when I also have other priorities like my upcoming book or various conferences, it gets even worse,“ Abdaal added.

Creating on YouTube is absolutely worth it as the my husband’s example shows

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