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Aloha! Surf More and Worry Less

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How to celebrate a love for catching the waves instead of worrying all the time about the future.


I made this picture a few days ago.

For me, surfing is a way of life. A way to be free. To feel alive. To live in the very moment.

Unfortunately, as adults, our life is in a permanent dilemma.

We are mourning the past and worrying about the future.

This takes all the fun out of life. The best surfers out there in the waves are those who really have fun and can enjoy the present moment.

Did you know that the Hawaiian word Aloha is the secret to a full and happy life?

I once traveled to the Hawaiian islands and this experience has changed my life forever.

Aloha — the breath of life

When I visited the Hawaiian islands for the first time, the country and its people inspired my heart and mind.

Living Aloha is the coordination of mind and heart within each person.

It brings each person to the self.

Feeling the spirit of Aloha has changed something inside me.

Three years later, my whole life has changed for the better:

  • I live a digital nomad life with my baby boy and husband.
  • I enjoy island life and the spirit of Aloha in Germany.

The rewards of surfing the crest of the upcoming waves of life are unimaginable.

This may sound crazy, but the most logical thing to do is often to actually take the leap of faith, paddle out, and surf the waves.

How to overcome your fear of waves and the ocean of life

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

When I published my story in The Startup Jump! — Why Taking The Leap Is Your Logical Next Step which sums up my biggest learning so far, several writers and readers could relate.

Yes, you can easily predict the concerns of making the leap of faith and jump into the ocean.

But there is no way to anticipate the countless rewards that will await you when you actally surf the waves of life.

My philosophy:

Surf more in the very moment, worry less about the future!

Life-changing stories from fellow writers

What if?

Mike Goldberg shared his ‘What-if’-story A Weekend in Amsterdam Taught Me A Massive Life Lesson and ‘doing Europe’.

What if we dropped everything and found ourselves in another part of the world?

Most people will never know what that means, and would never actually have the courage to find out. But what if you did?

Everything is figureoutable

Patricia Ross has shared:

I’ve taken that leap so many times, from leaving my home at 20 not knowing if I’d ever be able to come back, buying a condo before selling the one I’d been living in, not knowing the outcome but trusting that, as long as I could breathe and still have most of my marbles I’ll “figure it out.”

Final Takeaways

Photo by Chris Osmond on Unsplash

My friend Dominic DiFrancesco has commented:

I’m glad you were able to take the leap of faith and pursue your dreams.

It’s wonderful to be able to do so, I only hope that I can do it as well at some point.

I feel you, Dom!

I think there are so many out there who can relate.

If you need any support to take this here are more statements from fellow writers who can inspire you to actually jump, paddle out, and surf the waves of life.

– I really identify with this. My biggest leaps felt crazy, but made all the difference in my life Mike Goldberg

– As a kid we have no fear, no thought of consequences- we just ‘do.’ Charles Waters

– Sometimes we need to stop listening to others and follow our own heart and path. Trisha Dunbar (She/Her)


Here’s my story:

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