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Another Big Publication Closed Its Doors

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and started a new journey outside of the Medium universe.

In March 2021, Medium’s founder and former CEO Ev Williams, cut in-house editorial operations.

“Everyone at the meeting was surprised,” said a Medium source to Axios.

At the time, Ev explained that Medium wanted to help individual authors rather than publications.

Following Ev’s decision, more and more big and wonderful publications closed their doors:

  • Medium’s flagship publication P.S. I Love You was the first to close its doors. Medium pulled the plug on funding. The editors chose it wasn’t worth their time to continue.
  • Then Modern Parent closed as well.
  • A few months later, Tom Kuegler announced he’ll shut down his independent pub The Post Grad Survival Guide for all submissions.
  • The independent pub World Traveler’s Blog closed as well.

Additionally, Medium publications such as Forge, a Medium publication on personal development, shut their doors.

The next big pub closed its doors…but why?

A few weeks back, “History of Yesterday” with 25k followers closed its doors.

screenshot History of Yesterday

History of Yesterday by Andrei Tapalaga ✒️ was a publication with more than 2 million views per month.

“With a high interest in historical events as well as the value that they bring we want to share our knowledge for those who are interested and inspire those who are not.” Tapalaga

As you can see in the chart below, it was on the level with Top Publications such as Better Humans, UX Collective, and Better Marketing.

screenshot taken from article by Linda Carol

Additionally, it was one of the traffic drivers on Medium and people actually read the stories that were shared.

Why does a successful publication close in 2022?

Linda Carol, who sometimes gained 20K views for her stories in “History of Yesterday”, shared:

  • Ongoing piracy problems. “Stories are being scraped from Medium repeatedly and they’re not doing anything to resolve it.”
  • Recent changes to the algorithm: Medium’s algorithm doesn’t “favor his publication. I’ve noticed that, too. In the past, all my posts in that publication got curated. Now it’s hit-and-miss. Mostly miss.”

About the future of “History of Yesterday”

The owner moved his publication to his own domain and runs his own blog now.

Ads keep the publication going.

Want to become a writer?

  • Drafts need to follow all the rules presented in the Editorial Guidelines as well as the format presented in the publication.
  • Other information that must be provided: Name, Previous experience, Reason for wanting to become a writer
  • All submissions must be sent to

Click here for more details.

Are there any alternatives on Medium?

Although my dad is a pro in all things related to history, you could call him Prof. History, and I know some things too, I’m not a history writer. I love to write about the present and future.

Krishna V Chaudhary is a history writer and he loves writing about the past and educating others.

He was on a little hiatus and is now back on Medium! Yesterday he shared, that with one story he made more than $2,400.

He writes for “Lessons from History” with 20K followers:

“The objective is to promote history on Medium and demonstrate the value of historical writing.”

Even Top Writer Sean Kernan with over 70K followers publishes his history stories in this publication:

screenshot Sean Kernan story Lessons from History

How to become a writer?

Final Takeaways

It’s always sad to see a great publication leave.

I wish Andrei Tapalaga ✒️ and his publication all the best outside of the Medium universe with his own blog.

If you’re a writer of “History of Yesterday” and you want to continue to publish your stories within Medium’s universe, one alternative is to write for “Lessons from History”.

In case you have any further recommendations, please let me know.

I’m curious. What do you think about (the future of) publications on Medium?

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