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Anxiety Is Your Superpower. It Doesn’t Need Fixing.

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A new book reveals it.

No one wants to feel anxious.

Me neither.

But a few weeks back, I had racing thoughts at night.

Then suddenly, I couldn’t process my disturbing thoughts anymore.

A panic attack hit me.


I thought I must be dying.

I didn’t.

I shared my story…

and received tons of feedback from others who felt overwhelmed and anxious too about…

  • what’s going on in the world
  • as parents

Others even told me about their anxiety disorder.

This honest feedback and the tips I received really helped me.

Yesterday, I did some research and I found a new book I’d like to recommend:

Future Tense

It explains that feeling anxious is a triumph of human evolution.

The WSJ says:

It’s the ability to think about the uncertain future and prepare for it.

Anxiety doesn’t need fixing. It’s our superpower.

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