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Apparently, Auto-Curation On Medium Is Dead

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Multiple publications used to have this contract

The vibes on Medium aren’t very good these days if you read meta stories about Medium.

The elephant in the room is the question:

Quo vadis, Medium?

We don’t know.

We can only observe what’s going on and adapt when we don’t see the “Chosen for further distribution” notification anymore.

So here’s news that’s interesting.

Recently, I shared a list of the Top 10 publications on Medium.

As I’ve heard from the new Submission Manager at Mind Cafe, Bryan Dijkhuizen, the Top Publication with 140K followers isn’t a “partner publication anymore”.

This means there’s no auto-curation or auto-distribution when you’re getting published in Mind Cafe.

There was a lot of speculation on whether Medium auto-curates your stories when you get distributed by mega publishing houses such as Entrepreneur’s Handbook.

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