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Apparently, Curation Is Back!

  • 1 min read

Although Medium axed it.

A lot of writers didn’t care anymore about whether they got chosen for further distribution or not.

It often did nothing to get anybody to get more views, reads, or dollars.

However, I can totally understand when feeling devastated when you loved this sweet notification.

For many writers, it was a motivation boost.

So a few weeks back, I shared the good news that you can’t at least get in “curation jail” anymore!

“Curation jail” is a term that refers to not being considered for curation on Medium (anymore).

Joking aside…the other day, I heard curation celebrates a comeback!

Several writers such as Michele Maize reported that their stories were chosen for further distribution again after months (of waiting).

At first, I couldn’t believe it but then more and more writers said it happened to them.

Is it a glitch?

How are you faring with curation?

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