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Apparently, I’m a Crash Test Dummy

  • 2 min read

Is this a compliment?

Although I’m only a part-time writer, I care deeply about the people I serve.

About YOU!

The other day, someone on Substack called me a “crash test dummy”.

When I first heard it I wondered whether it was supposed to be a compliment.

Apparently, it was and I can be proud to be such as crash test dummy for you.


I go first. I make mistakes.

I get hurt and bruised but then…

I tell everyone behind me to watch out for this or that. I share my online writing and entrepreneurial journey.

On Medium, that makes me a Top Writer in #Advice, #Self Improvement, #Business, and #Creativity.

Apparently being a crash test dummy is my thing.

I’m clearing the way and telling you to watch out for that tiger over there.

I will clear the path and help you easily get through the online writing jungle.

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