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Apparently, Medium Is Testing Hashtags and Image Sizing

  • 2 min read

They seem to reanimate the image sizing feature and change tags to hashtags.

It’s common for tech platforms to roll out new stuff to a tiny subset of people.

Lately, Medium tested hashtags and resized images.

This is what their test could tell us about the future of Medium:

1 — Image sizing seems to come back

Image sizing mattered to many writers.

In January 2022, Medium took away this functionality many writers used every day.

“As of January 2022, Medium no longer supports formatting options for images in the Medium editor”. Medium

Now it seems to come back.

For a few hours, I could format and resize the images in the story editor.


2 — Hashtags seem to become a thing

I know that Medium is reorganizing its tags/topics in the background.

They want to create a whole new landscape of the most popular tags.

Tags always were hashtags but now they seem to really want us to use a # in front of a word we’re tagging.

When I wanted to tag my story with 5 relevant topics, this happened:


Medium apparently will use hashtags.

Tag pages still look the same at the moment.

Here’s the full story:

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