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Apparently, Medium Plans To Become The Next Wikipedia

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A curated Wikipedia on steroids.

The lists feature helps individual writers to categorize and organize their posts.

Medium wants to make more with this (underutilized) feature:

On Medium, there are 75M posts.

As Medium’s CEO Tony Stubblebine stated in a thread:

“(…) certainly not all worthy of being categorized. But it is, I think, of a size that allows for simpler and direct forms of organizations. I think a directory of lists of articles could be a very helpful views into the archives.”

Here are some examples I see A LOT in my feed:

  • How to rank on page one on Google?
  • How to start a faceless YouTube channel?
  • How to overcome narcissistic abuse?
  • How to start an online business?

These are all things that Medium could answer for you planetary, but not in just one article.

Medium could provide a directory of lists of posts.

Medium writer and CEO of Sporcle Ali Aydar sums it up:

“a unique organization of a subset of human a curated Wikipedia on steroids…“

The Complete Guide to Poetry on Medium

I guess it will take a while until Medium will become the next Wikipedia although I’ve seen the first approach by Thomas Gaudex who shared a guest post in Medium’s official blog “3 min.”

It’s called “The Complete Guide to Poetry on Medium”.

Poetry is the most popular topic on Medium.

You can easily feel overwhelmed when you want to dig a bit deeper into the poetry ecosystem on Medium.

Thomas curated a list of writers such as Top Writer David Rudder and their best poems for (new) readers and writers.

It really provides value and gives guidance.

How to make use of the list feature yourself?

You can curate your own stories by simply adding them to a list.

Here is for instance a curated list of my four stories written for Better Marketing (one of Medium’s biggest publications) in November 2022:

You can link a list at the bottom of your story so that your readers can dive a bit deeper into a single topic.

What do you think about Medium’s plans to become the next Wikipedia?

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