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Apparently, Medium’s Mastodon Community Is Already Dead

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Writers had high hopes for this community experience.

Medium started 2023 with a big bang.

Tony Stubblebine, Medium’s CEO, announced in January to everyone’s surprise that there would be a community experience.

For this community experience, which many writers had asked for, Medium had chosen Mastodon.

Mastodon is also called anti-Twitter

Mastodon is an open platform without a CEO who seems to control everything.

The platform is decentralized and offers many wonderful possibilities, which I also wrote about in the last weeks.

Since Medium had not yet joined the community, I decided to sign up through another server.

But when I checked the presence of Medium again yesterday, I was shocked.

I heard only crickets.

you hear only crickets on; Canva

My first thought was:

“can it be that the presence is already dead before it could flourish at all?”

Why do I think that?

Since January, Medium has added 7,000 Mastodon followers.

7.3 followers on

However, engagement has always been very low.

Yesterday, however, the last post was almost ten days ago, from February 15.

Here’s the proof:

last Medium post

Plus, there’s no engagement and no follow-up posts.

I was just wondering:

“Medium, what are you guys doing again?”

Writers had high hopes for this community experience.

They thought they could…

  • connect with like-minded people
  • share their articles
  • Medium would boost articles and also moderate the community.

The last post from February 5 was more corporate news. Medium was introducing the Blue Checkmark for authors.

So on this wonderfully sunny Saturday, I ask you:

“who is on Mastodon anyway? How do you find the community experience?”

The power of communities

Here is a little reminder of the true meaning of a community besides providing a space to connect.

First of all, communities usually take care of their members and the other way around.


The moderators of the communities are invested in the collective success of the group and the community members are super grateful for the unique experience:

people feel…

  • more supported
  • special
  • heard and seen
  • understood
  • connected
  • trust

That’s why cohort-based communities and paid communities are very popular.

When we are part of a thriving community, we feel a sense of deeper connection, kinship, and camaraderie.

To sum up my observations

I would like to end my article by saying that I was really surprised by the way Medium moderates its community and to see that the community is no longer really active.

I hope Medium and its leaders will remind themselves how much their writers and readers matter.

When I started my career at the world’s most successful PR and marketing agency, Edelman, Facebook communities were on the rise.

I even had to work weekends answering questions and sharing posts to build trust and get people to engage with content from multiple brands.

I hope Medium will take action to strengthen and sustain the community on Mastodon again and that people will engage.

I hope they’ll announce someone who will become the Community Manager.

Is dead or alive? How’s the community experience for you?

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