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Apparently, Most Of My Followers Think I’m A Full-Time Creator

  • 1 min read

I’m not. Let me give you a behind-the-scenes view of what I do.

YES!, I keep showing up every day on Medium to share things like…

  • developing an entrepreneur’s mindset when it comes to writing online
  • how to “make it” on Medium and earn decent money
  • overcoming imposter syndrome
  • most importantly: taking action even when you don’t *feel* like it

Plus, I’m the host of the Medium Kickstarter Boot Camp.

But NO! I’m a part-time content creator.

Although I felt honored when Fatunla Samuel mentioned me in his story and said:

Writers like Tim Denning and Kristina God make more, even with real-time content.

I’m a marketer, a mom, a wife, and Medium is my side hustle.

Thanks to my systems such as batch creating I can manage to publish on a daily basis.

Learn my system:

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