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Apparently, Some Medium Writers Are Getting Paid For External Views Now

  • 1 min read

Testing I believe.

I believe it’s testing.

Apparently, some people are getting paid for external views already.

In my latest stories I’ve shared what’s coming to Medium in 2023:

  • writers will get paid more
  • publication owners will get paid
  • editors will get paid
  • all writers will get paid for external views

The last point is especially interesting for people who know how to write search engine-optimized texts.

Texts that Google loves.

But there’s more.

If you hop on trending topics, such as ChatGPT or Jennifer Aniston’s infertility journey, you can get a lot of external views without knowing anything about writing optimized texts for Google.

A lot of new writers shared with me that they get tons of external views but on Medium, no one cares.

This will change in 2023.

At the moment some people apparently are taking part in a beta test where they get paid for their external traffic.

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