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Apparently, This AI Image Generator Will Come To Medium in 2023

It’s a smart alternative to Unsplash because it creates unique images.

Medium’s new CEO Tony Stubblebine has been very active on Twitter lately.

He has tweeted about his plans for the future of this platform a lot.

He shared pictures of the Medium offsite and that Ev Williams didn’t fire him in his first Board Meeting.

Additionally, he shared that a Medium subscription will be 10x more worth next year and that Medium gained a lot of new subscribers in October and November.

The other day, he shared this tweet about #deepai related to some Medium changes:

DeepAI offers a suite of tools that use AI to enhance your creativity.

DeepAI is an AI image generator.

It’s a fancy tool that allows users to generate images using only text prompts.

Its motto: “Artificially intelligent tools for naturally creative humans.”

Let me give you an example:

I typed in: “laptop flying into universe” and choose the Cyberpunk art style.

DeepAI created this image for me…

…which became the featured image of my post.

In 2023, you could add AI-generated visuals to your story

You might have read Tim Denning’s story “Unsplash Is Officially Dead — Here Are the Smarter Alternative” on the not-so-rosy future of Unsplash for creators.

Tim stopped using Unsplash because he got annoyed.

In a nutshell: The photo site Unsplash got bought by Getty Images and now shows a lot of ads and images to buy which annoys a lot of creators.

Nevertheless, Unsplash is THE platform Medium is collaborating.

Via Medium’s toolbar, you can easily search and add (a free stock photo from your laptop or) Unsplash photo to your story.

Unique visuals could be the future of Medium

Instead of using the same old and lame stock images from Unsplash over and over again…. the AI image generator DeepAI could make it possible to create more creative and unique visuals and add them to your story.

“It’s clear creators are running in the other direction to better options that don’t fondle them with ads all day. AI-generated images are starting to look like a real alternative”, Tim shares.

He also recommends using:

Maybe Tony Stubblebine got inspired by this post by Tim Denning and decided to go with an AI platform — DeepAI.

“The cool thing about these options is each image can be totally unique. And the AI is a giant weirdo. It can mash up all sorts of images to produce the most bizarre results.” Tim Denning

As far as I’m concerned I love real images that show real people.

Only time will tell if AI images can be a real alternative to conventional stock images.

Nevertheless, for Medium it could be a great tool to add and offer its creators to create unique featured images which top-tier media publications such as Harvard Business Review or New York Times also are looking for to stand out from the crowd.

I’m curious. What do you think about AI-generated images on Medium?

3 thoughts on “Apparently, This AI Image Generator Will Come To Medium in 2023”

  1. What a fantastic read! Your ability to present ideas in a clear and concise manner is impressive. This post not only provided great insights but also sparked some new ideas for me. Thank you for putting in the effort to share this!

    1. Hi Biuro, Many thanks! At the moment Medium doesn’t have an AI image generator. Substack has one integrated though.
      Medium took a clear stance against AI. At the moment I also try to not use AI generated images. The Wrtiing Cooperative for instance says in its Submission Guidelines that they don’t want to see any AI images anymore. Hope this helps.

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