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Apparently, This Writer Was Paid $25,000 To Write Occasionally On Medium

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Codename: Hopscotch.

The other day, a writer reached out to me and asked me why specific people are constantly recommended on Medium’s site and others don’t.

I asked her who she meant.

One of the names was Susan Orlean.

This Writer Got Paid $25,000 To Write Occasionally On Medium
screenshot Susan Orlean’s profile

Susan Orlean is an independent writer.

She‘s a staff writer for the New Yorker and also an award-winning author of eight books. The Orchid Thief is one of her books.

  • You can “meet” Susan on Medium’s homepage as one of the Top Voices.
  • Medium’s staff relates to her.
  • Additionally, she was one of the judges of the Summer of Writing Contest in 2021.

I did a little research and found out that Susan was/is part of a Medium program with the codename:


Apparently, Orlean was paid $25,000.

This sum should encourage her to write regularly on Medium.

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