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Are Emotionally Charged Comments A Sign Of Success?

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Walter Rhein writes a lot of things with the intention of being controversial.

In The Writing Cooperative, one of Medium’s biggest publications on Medium in 2022, he recently published an interesting piece called:

It’s a thoughtful take on the subject of the comments section.

Maybe Medium’s Gods sent me this story in my feed.

His article really hit home.

At the moment, I experiment with the power of timely news hooks and I receive a lot of emotionally charged comments.

Thanks to Walter’s honest story, I learned 5 important statements about receiving emotionally charged comments….

1 You’ve made somebody confront a truth that terrifies them.

2 Don’t apologize for conflict. Writing is all about conflict.

3 You’re writing is making an impact.

4 When you get these types of comments your writing is having an impact.

5 Some conversations are best continued in private.

Final Takeaways

According to Walter, the moment you receive your first emotionally charged comments, it’s a sign that you’ve ‘achieved your greatest moment of influence as a writer’.

I’m curious. What do you think about emotionally charged comments?

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