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Are Guest Posts Dead?

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It depends

What do Medium’s latest changes and Google’s latest “helpful content update” have in common?

They both want to make the experience for the readers better.

They want to give the reader the answer he or she was looking for. They want to add value to the lives of their readers.

It’s all about making the reader happy.

Put the reader first. Not the writer.

There are several top bloggers who say guest blogging is a thing of the past.


Because it doesn’t add real value to the audience of the blog.

“…the guests posts are written as “disguised value” (mostly repeating platitudes and/or overly general advice) so that the company or product can achieve a backlink.

This is an insult to the reader’s intelligence.” Nicolas Cole on Quora.

When written thoughtfully, I often find them valuable and helpful! They can introduce the reader to another world and experience.

Aren’t we somehow guest-posting on Medium too?

We don’t own the audience on Medium.

Our following and the land we’re writing on are just rented (for a while).

We are guests here too.

In fact, Medium is the best backlink you can get. It has a Domain Authority of 95 and so Google ranks this site pretty high. It’s on the level with mega brands such as Facebook or Amazon.

Whenever he posts a new story Cole — who started posting on Medium again lately — links to his own business — “Ship30for30”/Category Pirates.

Final Takeaways

I still see guest posts on a lot of blogs.

I think guest posts are still a thing and can be a win-win-win for the blogger, guest blogger, and the reader.

I also believe that bloggers become more thoughtful and they pick the best guest bloggers who are like-minded and have an entrepreneurial and reader-centric mindset.

Keep in mind: We’re guests here and Medium is our backlink.

Housekeeping rule: When we add value to our readers we can grow AND help Medium to sustain its paying members and win new ones.

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