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Are There Any Quora Top Writers Who Are Also Top Writers on Medium?

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Yes. Let me introduce four amazing Top Writers to you.

On Quora, I got asked, whether there are any Quora Top Writers who are also Top Writers on Medium.

A Top Writer on Medium as well as on Quora is someone who has great expertise.

It’s someone with great knowledge, great consistency, great at writing, and sharing his own voice

Someone who is just great at being unusual and having something authentic to say.

Here are 4 Medium and Quora Top Writers I know:

Anangsha Alammyan

I really like her publication “BAOS” on Medium.

“Books are our Superpower” is one of the fastest-growing publications on Medium.

Anangsha Alammyan is on YouTube too and sharing her lessons learned in regard to freelancing and making money writing online.

Nicolas Cole

He’s a rockstar.

He repurposed most of his Quora stories on Medium and became successful in doing so.

Now he has his own cohort (Ship 30 for 30) where he teaches others to write consistently.

One message is: never tell and share a story only once!

Sean Kernan

“The son of Quora” is also writing on Medium.

Quora sparks his creativity.

Sean often writes about popular topics and questions on Quora.

His superpower is to select popular Quora topics and share his opinion, as well as read the minds of his audience by incorporating phrases from Quora's comments into his writing.

Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi

She’s a rising star.

Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi used to be an Instagram influencer, was pretty active on Quora, then became a Medium Top Writer and now is teaching others how to make writing a habit and keep the writing hula hoop spinning in her course “Summit”.

About me

I’m a Medium Top Writer and one of the Most Viewed Writers on the Q&A platform Quora in the topic “”.

So I had to answer this question and share it with you.

In fact, it’s smart to write on Quora and on Medium.

Quora is the perfect place to spark your creativity.

Several of my top-performing stories were inspired by Quora.

They are answering questions that get asked a lot and Google loves these high-value answers.

Do you are also writing on Quora or know another Top Writer?

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