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Are You a Content Sprinter or a Marathoner?

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Recently, I shared a horror story of an ambitious Medium writer who failed.

  • He blamed the platform and algorithm, the latest changes, and bots for his poor stats.

These were all excuses.

Intrinsic motivation was missing

Writing online (on Medium) isn’t a sprint. It’s a marathon.

So, the good news is, the story I shared is absolutely crushing but it’s totally avoidable!

My friend and therapist Patricia Ross agreed with me on this.

“I’ve wondered about this same thing in my work: what makes some people sprinters and others marathoners?”

Are you a sprinter?

  • You are passionate and enthusiastic for a short time, then fizzle out.

Are you a marathoner?

  • You stay focused, passionate, curious, and productive.

Patricia is definitely a marathoner:

“…probably helped by years and years of piano study which helped me develop deferred gratification and discipline.”

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