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Are You Already Following Me On Quora?

  • 1 min read

I’d love to invite you!

Quora is a great platform for me because I can help people and share short and sweet answers.

If you have a question about Medium (or anything else) you can head over to Quora and ask me (or other creators) questions.

My friend Vritant Kumar for instance managed to gather about 500K content views. Yana Bostongirl writes about relationships and has around 200K views.

I’m not that successful.

I only have accumulated around 20K views so far but I know I could help a lot of people with my answers.

So today I’d love to invite you to follow me on Quora. I’m always happy to connect with other fellow Medium writers.

Quora is a wonderful platform to get quick answers to your burning questions and also help others by sharing what you know and are passionate about.

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