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Are You Already on Mastodon?

  • 1 min read

I am.

A few days ago, Mastodon passed 10 million users.

According to @mastodonusercount, the number of hours people spend on the platform is increasing too.

What about us? What about Medium readers and writers?

Medium just opened the doors for every Medium member to join the fediverse and Medium’s community experience on Mastodon.

Still, I have the feeling only a few people are using the me-dm experience.


I heard from several new writers it would be complicated to join.

Is it?

Medium makes it really super easy.

Here’s how to get your new account up and running:

1– You can create your Medium account by going here (

2 — Then your Medium username will be used to create your Mastodon account.

3 — You just have to set a password and confirm it.

4— Log into directly

5 — Connect with me

Read the full instruction:


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