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Are You Happy to See a Return to (Uni)Form On Medium?

  • 1 min read

Yes or No?

I know that most Medium members love Medium for its clean, minimal, and roughly uniform design.

However, when Medium was launched, it provided more flexibility.

Now with Medium’s recent changes, it’s clear that Medium wants to return to form.

Some are happy that Medium is returning to form because they think certain writers’ customization tastes turned them away from reading their stories.

Others argue that they’ve seen some really great profile designs during their time here.

So, they’ll be sorry to see these features go!

Medium dropped customized designs

Now profiles look more like a basic feed.

I personally am fine with seeing the background colors go.

I often found them jarring on the eyes — especially when it switches from purple to green from one article to the next.

Unlike reading through various blogging platforms where creators were free to make garish color combinations and unprofessional-looking text formatting.

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