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Are You Ready To Release Your Story?

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Yeah! Be brave. Uncap the bottle and tell your unique story.

Inside of us, we carry hundreds of stories. Tough stories of grief, beautiful and sexy love stories, and many more.

Recently I discovered, that there are stories that want to be told.

Although it was a tough time, the Medium Writers Challenge showed me that there were stories inside me bottled up.

First I didn’t know what to write about for the 4 prompts.

As time went by, my thoughts became clearer.

I even felt I may explode emotionally like a bottle of champagne.

My stories just had to come out!

The Writers Challenge was an amazing opportunity

The Writers Challenge gave me the opportunity to uncap my bottle of unique and very personal stories.

When I released my stories it felt really freeing.

For instance, it felt so good to share the story of my granddad, who gave me $2,000 in order to fulfill my dream to travel to America:

Moreover, the story about decluttering our lives and minds and follow our dreams as a married couple and parents:

About laughter and tears

There were all kinds of feelings wrapped up in my stories—laughter and tears, good and bad.

I really could feel the physical and emotional release as I shared my narratives with the Medium community and my writer friends.

To be honest, at first, I wondered whether my stories were worth being told.

I experienced imposter syndrome and needed a very long time to find my beloved flow state in which I can write, and write, and write.

I’ve found my own voice and peace

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Finally, I’ve managed to free my mind from all the thoughts and worries about my audience, the challenge, and the judges.

I realized that these stories just want to be told. They want to be written about. They are unique.

While writing my two stories I’ve found my own voice and listened to myself more carefully. By the end of the challenge, I saw things clearly.

These stories were pieces of my life, my journey. They made me the person I am now.

When I pressed ‘Submit’ to the pubs ‘Know Thyself, Heal Thyself’ by Diana C. and ‘World Traveler’s Blog’ by Cody James Howell PhD (Raiden) I already felt relieved.

When I read the first comments I immediately felt heard as a person. This was an amazing feeling.

Telling one’s story relaxes the nervous system

In fact, ‘stories are told in the body’. There is an actual physical release when we share our stories with friends, family, or the online community.

  • stress hormones like cortisol, are shut off
  • healing hormones like dopamine and endorphins are released

Therefore, telling one’s story relaxes the entire nervous system.

Final Takeaways

In the past, I oftentimes shared funny anecdotes about my crazy life as a parent.

But the stories I wrote for the Writers Challenge had a new flavor, a new level of emotionality and vulnerability.

When we have an opportunity to tell our (life-changing, unique) stories, we should leave our comfort zone and finally release our true stories

Try it! Uncap your bottled stories and feel relieved.

Feel free to tag me in your story. I’d love to read it.

👇Learn more about the healing power of telling your story and my COVID experiences.👇

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