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Are You Working to Be More Efficient to Save Time and Work More?

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Then you’ll love this valuable anecdote about a monk in New York City.

I just recently listened to the book “How Are You Really” by famous content creator Jenna Kutcher.

Here’s an anecdote from the book about a monk who visits New York City:

The tour guide says:

We can save ten minutes if we go through the subway.

They take the subway. Come out of the ground

The monk goes and sits down on a park bench.

And the tour guide asks:

Hey, what are you doing?

And the monk’s like,

I’m about to enjoy the ten minutes we just saved.

To be honest, I used to be the tour guide.

I once was obsessed with efficiency and productivity in my 9–5.


I wanted to earn my worth.

What do you think about this story?


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