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Are You Writing Online to Be In Conversation or in Competition?

  • 2 min read

Apparently, most writers fall into an abyss of comparison.

Within the last past days, several of my subscribers and followers shared their perspectives on writing online and on Medium.

It’s a perspective that really got me thinking about the roots of this platform and community.

Apparently, most writers fall into an abyss of comparison.

Concerned about likes, views, shares, followers, subscribers, you name it.

There are so many writers making themselves miserable by focusing on (external) engagement metrics.

In my opinion, when writing on Medium the main purpose should be to write and publish original and authentic stories that come from the heart and/or any piece of writing that brings value to your audience.

It shouldn't feel anxiety-provoking to scroll through your feed.

But for most it is.

We all know comparing is a dead-end job.

How come we often think we’re in competition instead of being in conversation?

Here’s the full story:

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