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Are Your Stories Too Dark?

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… and don’t fit into that positive mold?

One of my students is a fiction writer.

Medium isn’t THE perfect place for fiction writers but she’s earning around $100 bucks per month, which is fine for her.

The other day, she shared with me that countless publishers told her that her stuff was too dark. On Medium, she felt defeated by the positive, non-threatening fluff.

The audience seems to eat those positive, feel-good words but what about the darker ones?

In my opinion, in general, feel-good stories seem to blow up on Medium. The same goes for darker (doom and gloom) stories.

When it comes to fictional books and stories, I love rom-coms (yeah, guilty!). But (especially in Germany where I live) there are millions of people who read crime stories before they go to bed.

The individuals who read your posts are the reward!


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