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As A CEO, Is It Bad To Cry?

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If you have to lay off employees

Last week, I shared a story about a CEO called Braden Wallake who had to lay off several employees.

His company didn’t have the funds to continue employing them.

He admitted his failures.

On LinkedIn, he posted a selfie crying.

This led to a huge shitstorm.

However, in a phone interview with Bloomberg, “the crying CEO” also said:

What no one sees is all the direct messages this has started, of CEOs reaching out saying they are worried they have to do something similar.

On the exact same day, I wrote the story, Medium’s new CEO Tony Stubblebine shared in an open letter that he’ll have to let 29 employees out of 100 go.

We’ve found ourselves bigger than we need to be for the focused mission ahead.

Do you think Tony cried too?


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