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As A Parent Nothing Is Free — Not Even Taking A Shower

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I never even knew what the word autonomy meant until I had my little one — and then didn’t have autonomy anymore.

Before I became a mom I just did the things I wanted to do.

I used to be a strong, independent woman.

Now, whenever I want to do something…my toddler is in the way.

Whether it’s eating, sleeping, peeing, showering, or breathing…

Okay, I want to create some DRAMA here but please hear me out.

Often I heard moms talk about:

It’s soooo dang hard to take a shower.

I was like…

What?! Why?!

Well, I didn’t have a clue and apparently, I was a bit dumb, too.

It really is hard to take a shower once you’re a mom.

If you happen to have a baby boy who doesn’t want to be put down or a toddler hammering against your bathroom door then…

you can take a shower but it definitely comes with a catch.

You have to hear your baby or your toddler screaming outside the bathroom.

If you’re a single parent, you might even have to call your mom or a friend to come help you when you want to take a shower.

That’s bloody ridiculous.

Although I’m still luckily married to my hubby, I have to tell my partner when I want to take a shower.

Sometimes I even ask him for permission to have some alone time in the bathroom.


I never even knew what the word autonomy meant until I had my little one.

Then I didn’t have autonomy anymore.

My conclusion: Apparently, I can’t shower when I want to.

As a parent nothing is free.

© Kristina God

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