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As a Part-Time Entrepreneur, I Want My Life to Flow Freely, Just Like The Ocean

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If you’re thinking: “If only I could be free like the water…” this is for you

Since I was a young child, I’ve been drawn to the water.

I was raised in Germany — a nearly entirely landlocked nation.

My childhood summer vacations, along with those I took as a teenager and as an adult, were focused on going somewhere by the sea.

To Italy, Spain, France, or the west coast of Germany.

When my first baby was born, I decided to leave everything behind and move to the west coast of Germany.

To a small little island called Sylt.

I never get over the thrill I experience on the drive to the beach

No matter how frequently I visit the beach now, even if it’s daily in the summertime, the happiness and delight I get while strolling down the beach (with my baby and toddler) is difficult to describe.

I feel at home when my feet are in the sand, and the water tickles my ankles.

I believe that I am in the proper place.

I feel complete, content, and whole.

No matter how hectic things are at home, with my business, or what difficulties I may have encountered throughout the day, the previous week, or the previous month, as soon as I go to the beach, all of my troubles are figuratively washed away.

I feel humble and mighty while I’m standing next to the ocean

I know how little space I have in this world, but I believe anything is possible.

The ocean has always evoked these conflicting emotions in me, and it still does… every day I’m at the beach.

I enter a complete state of mindfulness when I hear the sound of the waves breaking onto the coast.

No amount of meditation, in my opinion, could help me become more present and aware of who I am and let my thoughts drift away like the tides.

I can take in the beauty all around me and appreciate this magnificent world and all that it has to give.

I’m at peace and satisfied

I do believe that living by the water is preferable to staying focused.

And I want my life to flow freely, just like the ocean.

Day and night, like the tides, are the only sure things, yet I want the freedom to choose what I do during the day.

I don’t want to spend nine hours daily in a gray office.

I want the freedom to work from wherever I want, to live my life whatever I want, and to choose for myself where and how I want to spend my days.

If you’re thinking:

“If only I could be free… like the water…”

You can be free like the water.

You don’t have to move to the coast as I did to fulfill this dream.

But spending some days by the sea will help you know who you are and what you want. Suddenly, you’ll open a new chapter of your life.

It’s a mental shift.

You can create it part-time, as I do. Writing in the morning, during lunch breaks, and in the evening.

You don’t have to quit your job.

You can become as free as the water by building a business on the side.

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