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Attention Short Form Writers! GPTbots Can Crawl Your Reads of 1–3 Minutes

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The length of the free preview now is “longer”.

In the past, Medium offered non-members to read three complimentary articles to them to subscribe and become a paying member.

According to Medium, this approach wasn’t as effective as hoped which is why Medium decided to experiment with a new approach (to reach their 1,000,000 paying subscriber milestone in 2024).

So in September 2023, they stopped offering those three free reads and started offering “longer” previews for articles.

Here’s what this means!

The length of the free preview now is “longer” and varies between 250–400 words, influenced by factors like images and paragraph size.

Attention! This new system has a loophole for short reads.

Non-members can access them completely for free!

Plus, GPTbots are crawling the web.

Medium opted out of AI and has a hard paywall BUT these types of stories are accessible for GPTbots.

They can (illegally) train on your writing.

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