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Authors, Your Followers Don’t Buy Your Books. It’s Your Email Subscribers

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If you want to sell your book, you need subscribers.

I recently interviewed a professional writer, professor, bestselling author, and Substack newsletter writer.

Guess why all publishers and agents in the US recommend joining Substack?

Because email subscribers tend to buy books!

Followers are much more superficial.

They aren’t as likely to actually “buy” from you.

I know writers love to celebrate their follower base and are also “selling” this “reach” to agencies to make brand deals, but this will change.

Agencies start to ask more about actual subscribers.

That’s why publishers recommend writing on Substack and growing an email list. They want you to SELL your book.

Imagine this: You put a lot of sweat and tears into writing your book and start promoting it on social media.

You gain followers or you let influencers talk about your book.

Via affiliate links, you can track the success of those sales but your subscribers are the ones who buy your book, not your or someone else's followers.

Build your email list in 2024

If you’re an author and want to sell your book you need to start an email list yesterday.

I can connect you with a cool tribe of other authors and writers. Join my newsletter for more.

The interview will be published on my YouTube channel.

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