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Authors, You’re Doing Yourself a Disservice if You Don’t Do This

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I write a book and think this is crucial.

While I believe all authors should read extensively, I also believe that if you don’t read much — or even anything — in the genre in which you write, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

If readers come seeking a thriller they are expecting a thriller and will not enjoy your book if it is a romance masquerading as a thriller.

You should be conscious of the traditions you are engaging in as well as the tropes and qualities of the genre.

This is not to suggest that you cannot defy expectations.

Rather, to do so successfully, you must be aware of what they are.

More significantly, though, you have no notion how your work fits into your genre if you don’t read it.

You also face the risk of creating a novel with a concept that looks fresh to you but has been done to death.

What are your tips for authors?

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