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BASS DA DA DA — No That’s Not A Typo

  • 2 min read

You have to get to know this Medium writer.

She’s a mom of two beautiful children, a wife, a digital nomad living in Chiang Mai, YouTuber, TikTok star AND Medium writer (YEAH!).

⚡Today, I want to introduce Ella Heart to you.

She’s pure joie de vivre.

I love her TikTok video where she’s dancing like crazy with her son to the song BASS DA DA DA from Shou.

No clue why Medium left this white space here when I embed a TikTok video…

YES! That’s what I was referring to in the headline.

This month, she’s about to reach $500 after only 6 months on Medium.

You can’t believe this?!

What does Ella do differently?

Her tips…

  • ⚡Post 2 articles per day.

Have a good mixture of different lengths but don’t stress yourself if your stories are short.

  • ⚡Engage daily.
  • ⚡Enjoy the process.
  • ⚡Check and analyze your stats daily.

Medium creates opportunities and I am so grateful to have found such a wonderful platform. Ella Heart

⚡Learn more about Ella’s success formula and awesome digital nomad life👇:


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