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Be Patient! 550 Folks Are on the Waitlist to Become a Medium Nominator

  • 1 min read

Patience is key if you want to become a Booster

Medium’s new Boost Program is definitely a great initiative.

I was one of the first who broke the news and also shared insider information.

When I shared the link to the form to be a nominator some time ago, I know a lot of people filled out the form and applied such as Carolyn Hastings.

Many are wondering whether they have to fill it out again if they haven’t heard anything back from Medium yet.


What you need to know is that Ariel from Medium, who is responsible for the Boost Beta Program, is slowly going through the waitlist, reviewing and inviting folks.

At the moment, there are 550 folks on the waitlist!

That explains the slowness of the beta process.

When Carolyn heard how many people are on the waitlist she exclaimed:

“Wow, that’s a long wait list! I’d better stop holding my breath!!!”


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