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Be Wary Of Writers That Rely Solely Upon Older Screenshots

  • 1 min read

Medium earnings have changed dramatically over time.

I have been earning money through the Medium Partner Program every month since December 2020.

I don’t share monthly income reports…

but sometimes I share case studies, such as :

When I share a screenshot my data is real and current.

As a marketer, I try to keep track of my earnings for data analysis to inspire other writers.

Last week, a new writer asked me about a Top Writer on Medium.

Since my Boot Camp is fully booked, he wanted my advice on joining another course.

He told me he wondered why the screenshots were not up to date.

I told him…

  • 💸earnings have changed dramatically over time
  • 💸the method of calculation and…
  • 💸the total amount has changed

My tip:

Before you make an impulsive decision, better follow your gut.

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