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Become A Medium Master Like Doctor Strange

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and train your writing muscle.

You may know the superhero movie Doctor Strange.

Only when Strange masters to create portals he becomes a Master of the Mystic Arts.

A few days ago I took a course by one of my favorite Medium writers Tom Kuegler. He’s popular and has 57k followers on Medium.

One of my takeaways from the course was that we all start our writing journey as Doctor Strange. At first, you’re a newbie. You have no clue. You experiment and try different things. Then, suddenly you become a master.

Writing is a skill and anybody can be a writer. The key is patience and frequency.

I once learned:

First you got to master it, then you can play it.

In my opinion, it's the same with the game of online writing.

Therefore, train your writing muscle and write, write, write!

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