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Become a Medium Top Writer in February 2023

  • 2 min read

In my brand new YouTube video I show you how to become Medium’s next Top Writer.

Every month you’ve got the chance to become a Top Writer on Medium.

It’s true.

It’s all about views and reach.

Here’s my 3-Step-Process to become a Top Writer this February:

1 —Download the free list of Medium Top Writer tags. There are 73 tags eligible for Top Writer status.

2 — Tag correctly. You can use up to 5 tags. Make use of all of them. Mix Top Writer tags with more specific ones.

3 — Use the tags strategically. There are tags with high competition and tags with low competition. Why not pick the low-hanging fruit and pick a tag where it’s more likely to become a Top Writer?

On my free printable list, you’ll find the Top 10 most popular tags with the highest competition as well as those with the lowest completion!

Learn more in my latest video:


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