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Become A Minimalist Side Hustler In One Minute A Day (No Joke)

  • 2 min read

It’s a lazy but powerful way.

Do you want to build a side hustle in 2023?

Sure thing!

In one minute per day, you can become a minimalist side hustler.

Serial side hustler Jamie Northrup – Minimalist Hustler knows how to do it.

He owns a newsletter called “Minimalist Hustler”.

On a daily basis, he sends valuable tips right into your inbox.

How cool is that?

It’s a super short newsletter with links to freebies, such as “The Medium Kickstarter Guide”.

Every day, I receive an email from Jamie.

I scan it, click on the links provided, and often find a valuable resource for free or inspiration for my own business.

If you’re just too lazy….

Jamie does all the work for you, and he also replies via email and answers questions.

Oh, and if you have a (free) product you’d like Jamie to promote…sure thing.

So why not join Jamie and 1,400 others today?

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