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Become A Private Chef Without A Culinary Degree and Earn $149/hr Per Person

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Sharpen up the old knife set and get paid to cook for others.

The other day I told a creator friend of mine about Rob Li from TikTok.

He’s a billionaire’s private chef in the Hamptons.

With talent and good content, he grew his TikTok channel to 200k followers within two months.

Do you know how to become a private chef without a culinary degree? my friend asked.

I couldn’t believe what he told me then about Cozymeal — the Airbnb for chefs.

It’s not a thing in Germany (yet) but it’s huge in the US.

Here’s how Cozymeal works:

All you have to do is create a profile.

  1. Create your culinary experience — cooking classes/only private dinners.
  2. Select your availability, set rates.
  3. Get approved.
  4. Get booked.

Top chefs on the platform charge $149/hr per person.

You don’t have to pay for a private space, you only have to pay for the ingredients.

Side note: Cozymeal will try your cooking in person before approving you.

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