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Become A Top Writer For Simily And Rank On Page One On Google

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Your chances have never been better to take advantage of the hype.

Simily is a new blogging platform and an alternative to Medium.

It looks promising — for non-fiction as well as for fiction writers.

That’s one of the many reasons I recommended joining Simily in 2022 to my friends, followers, and to the writing community a few weeks ago.

What happened after ILLUMINATION published it?

It gained traction pretty quickly.

Here’s the proof:

Why its smart to write on Simily article
screenshot by Kristina God

Around 60 writers used the free friend code I provided in my article, to try Simily for free for one month.

Simily is trending on Medium at the moment.

It’s on everyone’s lips.

Everyone seems to write about its pros and cons. Technical issues and first small wins.

My tip: Take advantage of this hype and become a Top Writer for #Simily.

screenshot by Kristina God

To date, only 48 stories have been published about Simily by 30 writers.

👉 You can become a Top Writer in this tag on Medium.

Click here to visit the tag page for #Simily:

Learn from my mistake and take advantage of the hype

When you’ll take a look at the Medium tag page again, you won’t find me.


I totally forgot to tag my article with #Simily!

Learn from my mistake. Become the next Top Writer in this category.

  • When you write about the pros and cons of Simily use the tag #Simily.
  • Write about Simily at least once per week.
  • Document your journey.
👉 You can even become the go-to source when people search for #Simily on Medium (and Google) and one day you could offer your services.

Meaning you could get paid for being a Simily expert.

You can rank on page one on Google.

You can dominate the search results — on Medium as well as on Google.

Medium has a high Domain Authority. Meaning Google knows Medium is a trustworthy source.

Its score is 95. This is on the level of mega brands such as Facebook or Amazon and higher than any personal blog.

Domain Authoritiy of Medium is high.
screenshot by author Kristina God
👉 By using the right keywords in the title, subtitle, and body of your article you can rank on page one on Google.

Here’s the proof:

Google page one Simily. Writing on Simily
screenshot Kristina God

Final Takeaways

I’m sure with my tips you’ll soon rule the Top 10 or at least the Top 50 list on Medium in the tag #Simily.

Let me know once you’re a Top Writer. Deal?

If you want to rank on page one on Google then it’s doable too!

👉 Your chances have never been better to take advantage of the hype.

© Kristina God

Here’s my trending Simily article in ILLUMINATION:

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