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Become Kristina God’s Affiliate and Earn 10% For Each Referral Sale

  • 2 min read

10% isn’t bad

I love Gumroad.

It’s the perfect place for every creator. You can sell whatever you want — mainly digital products.

When I launched my Medium Kickstarter Guide in January 2023, I didn’t know I would make more than $350 within less than 6 months, with a free product.

Yes, you heard that right.

The Medium Guide as well as all my other products are free.

The Get Boosted Guide as well.

People love to pay money ($1–$25 USD) for the time and energy put into creating these eBooks.

If you also want a piece of this cake, become an affiliate

Simply join Gumroad and become a Gumroad Affiliate for my products.

In the featured image you can see that you have to use the link to one of my free eBooks:

** **


** **

and Gumroad will generate an affiliate link for you.

If someone buys an eBook, you earn 10% for each referral sale

Those pennies do add up!

Check out my Gumroad shop and pick a product you’d like to recommend because you love it!

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