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Become Kristina God’s Substack Newsletter Referrer and Earn Rewards

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A nod of recognition can be invigorating, wouldn’t you agree?

Recently, we danced around the concept of “the job-to-be-done” in my “HOW TO GET STARTED ON SUBSTACK” series.

So, what’s the magnetic pull of a Substack newsletter?

It’s the value you bring to the table — whether it’s quenching curiosity, solving a problem, easing a pain, or offering a fresh perspective.

For instance:

  • Dream of thriving parenthood? Check out “Is my Kid the As*hole”.
  • Crave culinary prowess? “The Department of Salad” awaits you.
  • Intrigued by the intricacies of AI? “AI Supremacy” will be your guide.
  • Keen on honing Business English? Dive into “Business English Bits”.

The Heart of My Newsletter

This isn’t about staking a claim. It’s about owning and excelling in your niche.

Consider this newsletter as your lighthouse, guiding you through the storms of part-time writing and further. My mission? To empower you to take the first step, monetize your craft, and revel in the success of your writing and entrepreneurial journey.

If I can be your consistent beacon, you’ll join me for every twist and turn, won’t you?

Your Chance to Shine: Subscriber Shoutouts

Your engagement means the world to me. And it’s high time you’re rewarded for embedding my words into your bustling life.

Recommend my newsletter and get rewarded:

2 new subscribers? Enjoy a Twitter/X shoutout.

5 referrals? Feature in the Kristina God’s newsletter.

10 shining referrals? A dedicated shoutout in a Medium story is yours.

Spotlight: New Shoutout Section

Become my champion, and in return, let me elevate your presence.

Every newsletter edition will unveil a segment, “Writers & Content Creators To Watch”.

Here, I’ll showcase YOU!

A nod of recognition can be invigorating, wouldn’t you agree?

How to Amplify Your Presence with Substack:

  1. Share the Love — Promote Kristina God’s Newsletter. Go to the leaderboard and create your own unique link to refer to my newsletter:
  2. Reap the Rewards — The more the merrier! As your circle grows, the rewards roll in:

Twitter/X Shoutout for 2 referrals

A feature in Kristina God’s newsletter for 5 referrals

An exclusive Medium story mention for 10 referrals

Your Voice Matters

In the past, I used to give a shoutout to anyone who bought me a Ko-Fi.

Moving forward I’d like to help you whenever you share my newsletter with your referral link!

I’d love to give you a shoutout on Twitter, my newsletter, and Medium with a link to your story!

So what are you waiting for? Join my Substack family of 3,000+ happy creators and writers today and refer my newsletter to your friends.

Psst! A LOT of AWESOME freebies, webinars, free tutorials, ebooks, and fantastic events will come soon!

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