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Being In Love With A Medium Writer

  • 1 min read

can be wonderful.

Letting someone in your inbox is the most intimate thing you can do in the online world.

One writer on this platform let another writer in his inbox and his heart.

His name is Scott Stockdale.

She was opening the door for conversation. (…)

Her use of emojis made me smile.

After 11 months of dating, Scott dared to meet his fellow Medium writer in person after exchanging emails and letters.

First in the UK, then in NYC.

From the moment I saw her to the last day of the trip, I felt peace. I’ve never felt it before.

Hundreds of Medium writers enthusiastically followed Scott’s posts, waiting to learn more.

Now there’s great news:

In the coming months, she’ll hopefully be flying back to the UK so she can meet my family, and then we’ll talk about longer-term plans.

All the best to you two. 😘


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