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BeReal Is A New and Innovative Photo-Sharing Platform

  • 1 min read

which encourages a more authentic social media ecosystem

Once I was a travel influencer on Instagram.

At some point, it became a pain in the butt.


I found it inauthentic. I had to post in front of the camera hundreds of times. I couldn’t be in the moment because I always had to check the photos: my posture, background, and facial expression.

I always love to see new innovative platforms in the social media ecosystem.

The other day, BeReal caught my attention.

A friend of mine is using BeReal.

The clue:

On this photo-sharing platform…

  • there are no likes for posts
  • only RealMojis — emoji-like selfies.

You share photos of your days when the app sends you a notification.

Then you only have 2 minutes to do so.

This way the platform is encouraging authenticity and truth.

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