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Best Advice for Online Writers: Don’t F-ing Stop

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Also, my granddad used to say: “You don’t fail until you completely stop going.”

My granddad used to say:

“You don’t fail until you completely stop going.”


After writing a while on Medium most people stop.

They throw in the towel.

They don’t see the results they want to see.

  • YouTubers showed them how easy it is to make hundreds of dollars on Medium — well it’s not.
  • Influencers showed them how to growth hack the system by writing about AI, productivity, money, and flipping businesses… — Medium doesn’t support growth hacking.

There are hundreds of thousands of pieces of advice on the Internet.

I often share my two cents with the Medium community.

The other day, a Substack subscriber said my advice was worth its weight in gold, but she’d like to know the #1 tip from my 2.5 years as a part-time writer.

“Don’t f-ing stop”

Keep the content hula hoop spinning, be patient, disciplined… and you’ll see results! Trust me!

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